Axiom Data Sources

Banner communicates with Axiom and Axiom copies data from Banner to Salesforce. Salesforce & Axiom do not copy data into Banner.

The following Onboarding Data Sources exist:

  • AlamoPromise
  • College Connections
  • Applications
  • Financial Aid
  • First Time In College (FTIC) Checklist Items
  • Holds
  • Addresses
  • Contacts

Specific matching rules will exist for each individual data source.

Depicted below is the Source List in Axiom's Dashboard.

The "Locked" Status is assigned to a record that is being accessed and worked on by a user. The system will LOCK the record to prevent any duplicate or inconsistent information from being saved to the record.

The "Processing" Status is assigned to a record that has been through the verification process. It usually takes 3-10 minutes for the record to successfully upload in Salesforce. 

Some of the records/data sources have automated processing for the record loads. They will load and process onto Salesforce automatically. Some of the records/data sources actually need a user's verification, which will result in the "Awaiting Verification" Status being assigned to it. This will require a user to review the record and submit the match manually.

Preview of Axiom Dashboard

Each Data Source is assigned the following options that are accessible by clicking the Cog/Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of each data source:

  • Export Source
  • Configure Source
  • Deactivate Source
  • Take Offline
  • Upload File
  • Record Manager
Data Source Options

The following image is the Record Manager view that will populate. This option allows the user to see all records under one Data Source.

Record Manager View


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