How to Change Your Time Zone - Canvas

By default, Zoom recognizes your account as being in the Pacific Time Zone (PST). You must change this to see the correct time meetings will occur for where you are located.



When you setup your Zoom account, you chose your default time zone.

If you need to change your time zone, you can do this from within Zoom in your Canvas course. Begin by clicking on the Zoom link in your Course Navigation. Click the Edit button next to your listed default time zone.

A dialogue box will open giving you two options.

1. Choose your default time zone.
2. Select your default language.

When you have completed your selections, click Update (3).


As a student, you do not create a Zoom account in order to access meetings. However, your time zone is still defaulted to Pacific Time.

To change this, click on the Zoom link in the Course Navigation. Select the Edit button next to the time zone that is listed.

A dialogue box will open where you can adjust your settings.

1. Select your default time zone (San Antonio Central Time).
2. Choose a default language.
3. Select Update when your changes are complete.


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