FAQ - Zoom Meetings Waiting Room Requirement

On Sunday, August 16, 2020 District IT will enable waiting rooms for all Zoom meetings. This change is being implemented to enhance the security of your Zoom meetings and ensure ease of use prior to the start of the Fall 2020 term.

In a continuous effort to increase the security of our web conferencing software, Zoom will begin requiring all meetings to have a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled for all paid accounts by late September. This includes all employee Zoom accounts licensed by the Alamo Colleges District. 

After much discussion, it has been recommended to enable waiting rooms for all meetings in order to be the least disruptive for remote learning and teaching. Please consult the list of Frequently Asked Questions below for specific questions about using this enhanced security method for your Zoom sessions.

How do I use Zoom Waiting Rooms?

Zoom meetings can be scheduled through the “Meetings” tab within your Alamo Colleges District Zoom account. Please consult the following guides for more information about Zoom Waiting Rooms:

What if I don't have a Waiting Room enabled by August 16, 2020?

Zoom will automatically enable a Waiting Room for your meetings. See Using Zoom Waiting Rooms for more information on admitting participants from within a Zoom meeting.

If I already have a Waiting Room enabled, will anything change?

No, your settings will remain the same for your current selection.

How will this affect my calendar invitations with scheduled meetings?

If you already have a Waiting Room enabled, there will be no change to how you schedule meetings.

Can I see which of my meetings have Waiting Rooms enabled?

Yes, users can log into the Alamo Zoom portal and navigate to the “Meetings” tab where you will see a list of meetings that have been scheduled without a Passcode. This is indicated with a red warning icon:

Zoom warning indicates no meeting passcode or waiting room enabled
How will Waiting Rooms affect participants joining the meeting by phone?

For meetings with Waiting Rooms, participants will dial in as they normally do. They will hear a prompt that they are in the Waiting Room and the host will have to admit them.


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