Updating Personal Meeting ID

In Zoom, you have a room that is a continuously open for use. You may set your Personal Meeting ID to a personalized number so that it is easy to remember.

Begin by logging into https://alamo.zoom.us/ and clicking on Profile.

After you have clicked on Profile, find your Personal Meeting ID which will be a series of ten digits. On the far right side of the page, click Edit.

In the screen that pops up, enter a new ten digit number that will be easy to remember. We suggest putting your office phone number with hyphens (ex. 210-485-5555).

Click Save Changes.

When setting up meetings, you may use your Personal Meeting ID. While this is not required, it makes it convenient as you will remember the URL of your meeting or have the Personal Meeting ID handy if you need it for support purposes. However, because this room is always open, other people may have access to the link. Depending on the sensitivity of the meeting, you may not want to use your Personal Meeting ID for all of your Zoom meetings.


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