How to Reset Your Zoom Password

If you need to reset your password for Zoom, begin by going to

On the sign-in page, click the Sign In button.

Click on Forgot password?

On this page, you will:

1. Enter the Alamo Colleges e-mail address you use for Zoom.
2. Verify your identity.
3. Click Send.
4. You will receive a confirmation screen stating that you will receive an e-mail to reset your password.

When you receive the Password Reset e-mail from Zoom, click the link to change your password.

Begin by entering your new password.

1. Enter your new password.
  NOTE: Your password must meet the listed requirements.
2. Confirm your password.
3. Click Save.

You will receive a confirmation screen that your password was successfully changed, and you can now proceed to Zoom by clicking Go to My Meetings.

After your password has been reset, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


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