Getting Started with Zoom

1. Creating a Zoom account

The easiest way to create a Zoom account is to go to and click the Sign In button.  You will be re-directed to ACES for your ACES username and password before your Zoom profile window appears.

2. Scheduling a Zoom meeting

Once your Zoom profile opens, now you will "schedule a meeting."  You can also think of the meeting as your class time, a presentation, or screencast.  

Invitations into your Zoom meeting can be sent the meeting link in an email, calendar event, Canvas announcement, in your assignment details, or whatever means you use to communicate with your group.

3. Launching a Zoom meeting

Finally, you will "launch your scheduled meeting."

Zoom attendees can join your meeting by clicking on the shared Zoom link through their default web browser.  

Zoom Support and Additional Resources:

Meeting hosts can

Additional Zoom guides are available on Alamo Guides.

A Zoom Test Meeting is available for testing audio and video settings.


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