Using Zoom for (Student) Presentations

You can use Zoom to record your presentations or screencasts.   The cloud recording link can can be shared or submitted to your Canvas assignment. 

1. To use Zoom, you first need to create a Zoom account

2. Once you have your account, now you will "schedule a meeting". In this scenario, think of the meeting as your presentation or screencast. 

3. Next, you will "launch the meeting." Again, you are simply launching the application to record your presentation. 

4. Once you have launched the Zoom application, you will want to share your computer screen to show your presentation slides. There is a "Share" button at the bottom of the page. Finally, you will want to follow the instructions to record to the cloud. This will allow you to retrieve a link to your presentation to share.

If you are completing this presentation for a grade, be sure to practice your presentation in Zoom.  Also, make sure that you are meeting the assignment criteria, such as sharing your video/webcam.


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