Launching a Zoom Meeting for the First Time

In order to launch a Zoom meeting, you will be provided a link (such as or This link may be in an Outlook invitation, e-mail, or a variety of other mediums. Click on this link and it will open in your default browser.

The Zoom application will either automatically download or prompt you to download depending on your browser settings. (If prompted to download, save to your preferred location.)

1. Once downloaded, click the file to install.

2. If you run into an issue with your download, you can click on download & run Zoom to start the installation again.

3. If you prefer, you can join the session from your web browser without installing the Zoom application.

You will be presented with a dialogue box showing the progress of the Zoom installation. Your meeting will start once the installation is complete.

If the host has the meeting set to not allow participants to join without them, you will be prompted to wait until the host starts the meeting.

NOTE: If you are the host, you can login at this time to start the meeting.

For all future meetings, you will not have to install the Zoom application. Instead, you will be prompted to Open Zoom Meetings. This will open the Zoom meeting you are scheduled for.


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