Creating Zoom Account in Canvas

To begin using Zoom in Canvas, you must first enable the Zoom tool in your Canvas course navigation.

Start by navigating to Settings in your Canvas course.

Next, click on the Navigation tab.

Under Navigation, you will see a list of tools that are enabled and disabled. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find Zoom.

1. Click the three dots
2. Select +Enable
3. Scroll back to the bottom of the page and click Save


After you have enabled Zoom in your course navigation, click on the Zoom link in your course navigation.

In order to use Zoom inside of Canvas you must have a Zoom account. If you have an existing Alamo Colleges Zoom account, you will see the Zoom dashboard and can immediately start scheduling meetings.

If you do not have an existing account, you will create one from within Canvas.

  1. Confirm your First Name and your Last Name
  2. Change your Time Zone
  3. Add your Password
  4. Select Activate my account

Your account has now been created and you will be able to use Zoom inside Canvas.

As a confirmation, you will receive the following e-mail with a link to sign in to Zoom if you wish to use it outside of Canvas.

NOTE: Some advanced settings need to be configured outside of Canvas at


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