Retrieving A Document from BDM

We are supporting the latest version of Chrome browser

Log into Banner9 using Chrome, the recommended browser. 

Go to the form you were granted access to in Banner9 (e.g., SPAIDEN).

The Retrieve Button is used to get a document from a record.

You may type in a Banner ID and select Retrieve, or just select retrieve.

You will see all the BDM Applications you have access to on the left-hand side.

Select the application you were given access to retrieve a document from.

Select "New Query".

Input as much information in the Search Criteria as you can to retrieve the document you are searching for and Select Run.

You may also just select "Run" and look for the document, but this will only return 1000 matches.

To open the document, you can double-click on the file you want to view or select the blue drop down arrow and select open.


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