Running a Saved Script in TOAD

Accessing Toad

Clearance for Toad login credentials must be initiated by a manager via a Footprints ticket to Alamo Colleges Information Technology Services (ITS); Applications.  

Ensure the Footprints ticket includes the Database(s) that should be accessible to the user.  

A Toad Application Install must also be requested from ITS, as software needs to be added to the user's computer.  

Once the login credentials are provided to you, proceed with the following to log into Toad for Oracle.

Logging into Toad for the First Time
Login Screen
Opening Script File from Toad

Select File from the menu toolbar then Open File.

Menu Toolbar

Double-click or Select the script you would like to run and click Open.

Opening script
Executing the Statement

The script will then be opened in the Editor.

You can now edit the script if necessary, or Execute the Statement by clicking on the icon below (or pressing F9).


The data pulled from your query statement will display below in the Data Grid.

Data Grid
Reviewing Dataset

Sorting through your dataset is made easier with the following icons.

  1. Show/Hide Columns
  2. Export Dataset (see Exporting Dataset in the next section)
  3. First Record
  4. Previous Record
  5. Next Record
  6. Last Record
  7. Cancel Data Fetch
  8. First Record
  9. Previous Record
  10. Next Record
  11. Last Record
  12. Refresh Dataset
  13. Bookmark
  14. Go to Bookmark
  15. Single Record View
Filtering Columns in Dataset

Every column has a filter feature. Clicking on the column allows you to access it.

Click Custom to find specific data, as shown below.

Column Filters
Editing or Exiting Dataset Filter
Column Filters
Exporting Dataset

Refer to the image below.

Right-clicking on the dataset or clicking on the icon indicated will allow you to export the dataset.


There are various formats for the export, the most popular is the Excel File Format.

Export Options


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