A Softphone is a software phone that is in installed on a computer. 

Accessing your Softphone

Start your Softphone by double-clicking on the IP Desktop Softphone icon on your desktop.

Making Calls

For calls within Alamo Colleges, enter an extension.

For calls outside of Alamo Colleges, enter 9, the area code you are calling, along with the phone number. Ex. 92101234567

Answering a call

To answer a call, click on the "Answer Phone" icon.


To listen to voicemail, click on the mail icon and enter your password.

Call Log

To view Call log, click on the mail icon, then click Call log.

Muting the Phone

To mute your phone, click on the "mute" button.

Adjusting the Volume

To change the volume, select the volume + or -.


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