Downloading Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Mediasite logo of blue media and black site lettering

Mediasite has it's own recorder that can live on your computer (desktop or laptop).  The Desktop Recorder allows you to record with options of screen recording, webcam, and audio or offline without an Internet connection.

You will need to access My Mediasite to be able to download the latest version of Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

Click on the Add Media button.

orange add media button

Click on the link to download the Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

Click on the download the Mediasite Desktop Recorder link

You may need to submit a Footprints ticket to install Mediasite Desktop Recorder on your office workstation or laptop.

1. Click on Download for Windows (approximately 50 MB).
NOTE: You can switch to Mac download by clicking Show me the Download for Mac.

Image of the 3 step process (download, install, and register)

2. Install the downloaded installation package.

3. Confirm and register the Mediasite Desktop Recorder in order to use it.  Once you click the Register button, Mediasite Desktop Recorder should register automatically.  

Mediasite has been successfully registered

Congratulations, you are now able to use the functions and feature of Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Dashboard


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