Setting Up Leave Calendar View

Navigate to CSI Team Resources to access the Leave Request under CSI TEAM.

csi home

Click on the 'gear' and then select 'List settings'

list settings

Click on "Create View"

create view option

Select Calendar View

calendar view setting
  1. Name your calendar
  2. Select "Personal View" for View Audience
  3. Time Interval should be set at Begin: From & End: Through
  4. Select Calendar Columns as displayed below (Item #4)
filters and options

5.    Select "Month" for Default scope

6.    Set up Filters as displayed below (Item #6)

7.    Click "OK" to save your new personal calendar view.

Note: This personal view will only be available to you.


Create View - Google Chrome

Once you set up your calendar view, navigate to the Leave Request List and select your new view as shown below.

Center for Student Information (CSI) - DST_CSI_Leave - Leave Request - Google Chrome


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