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Transfer Advising Guides: Verification & Activation Steps

Transfer Advising Guide (TAGs) templates are created in Template Management of Degree Works by the District Academic Success team (DAS).

DAS then records an entry in the DST_Transfer_Advising_Guides folder in the Center for Student Information (CSI) AlamoShare site.

Once DAS is ready for CSI to proof template, the TAG is placed in a Pending-Ready for CSI Review status.

CSI will then verify the live TAG information, found online, against the TAG created within Template Management in Degree Works.

The information entered in the DST_Transfer_Advising_Guide Inventory site also needs to be verified.

Step 1: Access Transfer Advising Guide Inventory
Preview of TAGs in AlamoShare
Applying a filter
  • Filtering the attributes can allow users to pull up templates based on certain information.
    • For example, filtering the 'Assigned to' column will allow a user to filter by name (as shown below).
TAG in Alamo Share
TAG in Alamo Share
Select an Assigned Record

Remember that we are verifying Template Status: Pending-Ready for CSI Review

TAG Status in Alamo Share

The following fields are to be verified against the Student Plan in GPS/Degree Works.

TAG Record in Alamo Share

If a TAG Hyperlink in not listed in the Alamo Share TAG Record, search for the Transfer Advising Guide under the appropriate University and Program.

Step 2: Access GPS / Degree Works
  • ACES Website
  • On the Home page, locate Alamo GPS.
  • Chrome and Firefox internet browsers are supported.
Step 3: Open Template Management
GPS Home Page
Search for Template

There are a few ways to search for the appropriate template for the TAG.

  1. Search by Template Description, ie. name of program.
  2. Sort the ID column (most popular method).
  3. Use the Advanced Search.
Template Manager

Sort the ID column to find the GPS Template Number provided in the Alamo Share TAG Record (shown below).

Clicking the arrow once will sort ascending and clicking it again will sort descending.

TAG Record

Double-click the guide or click Open.

Template Manager

Activate the guide on the following screen by placing a check mark in Active.

To save changes click Save.

Template Management
Step 4: Retrieve Student Planner

Return to the GPS Home Page.

Browser Tabs
  1. Enter your Banner ID in the Student ID field.
  2. Press Enter
GPS Home Page

3.    Select Plans.

4.    Then select New Plan.

Student Planner

5.     Click on Select Template to select the template you just activated and the appropriate term.

Selecting Template

6.     Sort the Modified column and find the template you activated.

7.     Double-click on the template to select the appropriate term.

Modified Column

8.     Verify the term entered in Alamo Share.

9.     Select the term and click OK.

Selecting Term

10.     The Student Planner with the appropriate template is now visible, click Save.

11.     Select the Notes view from the drop down menu.

Notes View
Save Student Planner as PDF

12.     Select Print to save a PDF version of the Student Planner.

Printing Student Planner

13.     A printer-friendly version will be produced and you may have to select print again.

14.     Then Save the file as a PDF.

Save file with the following format: SP-(Univ)-Title-Degree-Year-Template Number

For example, the following Student Planner would be saved: SP-(TxST)-Dance(PCC)-AA-BFA-19-20-T1012

Printing Student Planner as PDF
Step 5: Proof Student Planner Notes Against TAG in E-Catalog
  • Proof notes against the TAG Hyperlink in the Alamo Share record for accuracy.  
  • Verify that all links work.
  • Highlight and add comment explaining any inconsistencies in the Student Planner as shown below.
  • After proofing and documenting all inconsistencies on the PDF, Save the file.
  • Click Edit Item on the Alamo Share record.
TAG Record
  • Pay special attention to the highlighted areas below.
    • Attach the original Student Planner and the Student Planner after modifications.
    • Enter total credit hours from template (which are college-level hours, not transfer credit hours).
    • Change the Template Status to In-progress for CSI second review or Complete-Activate in GPS per DIS Academic Success, as directed.
    • Enter in the comments section any findings, changes, or inconsistencies.
    • Check mark to verify all links were tested.
    • Check mart to verify template was activated in GPS (see Step 3: Search for Template).
    • Date Processed is the date that you worked on the TAG but were unable to complete it because of inconsistencies, missing program codes and/or major codes, etc.
    • Date Complete is the date that all steps, including modifications from Academic Success, have been completed in their entirety.
    • Don't forget to Save.
TAG Record
Correcting Inconsistencies in the Student Planner
Editimg Template

Double-click on the template to edit.

Section Editing
Maximize and HTML
Copy to Plan

Verify changes by loading template to the Student Planner (see Step 4: Retrieve Student Planner).

Step 6: Upload Attachments to Secondary Site


Secondary TAG Site

Enter the TAG# and Attach File.

You can attach multiple files.

Don't forget to Save.

Attaching Files


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