Missing Biographical Audit

Missing Biographical Audit Process

Center for Student Information, Alamo Colleges

May 2020

Missing Biographical Fields Audit

A Biographical Audit Tab has been created in AlamoShare and the Applications Team Lead will be assigning records to the staff.

The following information will be displayed for each record:

  • Student ID (Banner ID)
  • Term
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Permanent Date of Birth*
  • Permanent Gender*
  • Permanent Ethnicity
  • Permanent New Ethnicity (Numerical Code & Text)*
  • Ethnicity Confirmed? (Yes/No)
  • Permanent Race*
  • Temporary Date of Birth
  • Temporary Gender
  • Temporary Ethnicity
  • Temporary New Ethnicity (Numerical Code & Text)
  • Temporary Race
  • WEB ID

The following biographical fields will need to be corrected in SPAIDEN if they are found to be blank:

  • Permanent Date of Birth
  • Permanent Gender
  • Permanent NEW Ethnicity
  • Permanent Race

The information in the TEMPORARY Fields on the right side of the record comes from SAAEAPS & SAAETBL (student application).

This data can be used to correct any blank biographical fields in SPAIDEN.


This is where you can find all Biographical information that we are entering for a student.

Take note, there are TWO Ethnicity fields. Some students will have the "Ethnicity" field populated, but will be missing the "New Ethnicity".

The "New Ethnicity" field is the one we want to be correcting from the temporary data we are provided.

At this time, these are the only four fields that we will be entering information for in the event that they are blank.


Verifying Temporary Data

In the event that you need to verify the temporary data provided, navigate to SAAEAPS in Banner.


Use the corresponding "WEB ID" code to search for the student's application in SAAEAPS.


Enter the "WEB ID" and click "GO".


You can also click on the ellipsis to conduct an Electronic Applicant Search by name or birth date.

Application Navigator - Google Chrome

Once you find the student in SAAEAPS, highlight the record and access SAAETBL by clicking on "RELATED" as shown below.

Application Navigator - Google Chrome

The "WEB ID" should be pre-filled for you, click "GO".

Application Navigator - Google Chrome

Once the student's application is displayed in SAAETBL, navigate to the second section labeled "ASSOCIATED PERSONS".

In the drop down, select "BIOGRAPHIC DATA".

Application Navigator - Google Chrome
Application Navigator - Google Chrome

The four biographical data fields that need to be populated in SPAIDEN will be displayed.

Application Navigator - Google Chrome


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