Setting Up Datasheet View

Datasheet Views should be set up for lists that require the use of the Quick Edit feature in AlamoShare 2019.  

This feature allows the user to load or edit more than one record at a time.

Navigate to CSI Team Resources to access the list(s) that require(s) the Datasheet View.

For this example, we will be utilizing App Errors.

csi home

Click on the 'gear' and then select 'List settings'

list settings

Click on "Create View"

create view option

Select Datasheet View

calendar view setting
  1. Name your view. (ie. "Datasheet View")
  2. Select "Personal View" for View Audience
  3. Select the Columns that you would like displayed as shown below (Item #3)

4.    Select any columns under the Sort and Filter options.  

Sort will let you sort out columns alphabetically or in numerical order.

Filter will let you select specific items to display in the table. For example, if you only wanted to display "completed" records, you can set that here.

5.    Click "OK" to save your new personal datasheet view.

Note: This personal view will only be available to you.


The next time you go into your list, select the view option drop-down and search for your Datasheet.

A helpful tip is to make it a habit to name your Datasheet View as "Datasheet View".


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